Primatech 550AL GYM Pneumatic

550AL GYM Pneumatic550AL GYM Pneumatic550AL GYM Pneumatic

First with the OEM PrimSurfer Roller Base, the 550ALG pneumatic 18ga L type nailer is the most advanced tool designed for large surfaces such as gymnasium floors.
The 550 ALG Gym version provides the installation with 3 distinctive advantages:

  • The PrimSurfer bearing assembled roller base features a two-way side shift. Not having to lift the tool repeatedly eases off the tension in the user’s arm and back, thus increasing speed and precision and providing a substantial gain in time and floor boards installed. The cam operated base plate adjuster maintains a consistent angle of penetration to deliver the fastener snugly into the nail pocket of the board with controlled penetration and perfect accuracy.
  • Primpact striking module is assembled with wear rings lasting over 1,250,000 cycles, for a tool with the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Rotating ergonomic extension handle allows operating the nailers at a higher or lower position. It can be easily set and locked at any position, thus providing a better comfort and tool control.


Weight: 8.75 lbs (4.0kg)
Height: 20 ¾" (451mm)
Length: 14 ½" (133mm)

550AL GYM Pneumatic 550AL GYM Pneumatic

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