Modular portable flooring «SPEED-FLOORPVC»

Modular portable flooring  «SPEED-FLOORPVC»
 Modular portable flooring «SPEED-FLOORPVC» 
SPEED-FLOORPVC modular sports system is a new sophisticated product designed by our R&D department. The system obtains only advantages of the similar modular ones. The system is equipped with light-weighted and durable aluminium locks in order to reinstall it as many times as it necessary. The system obtains perfect transporting features. The modules are compact in their size due to the shock absorbing pads fastened with special magnets making it easy to take pads off before uploading the surface onto a vehicle reducing travelling and packaging costs dramatically. Due to the patented locking system and light-weighted modules every piece is fastened quickly and reliably. Therefore the customer is able to install 1000sq. m of sports surface within 4 hours without any special skills and appliances. The modules come with variety of surface layers and portable shock absorber pads, so the product is a perfect solution for both professional and amateur sports facilities to be installed at a glimpse meeting the demands even for top ranking sports venues.
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